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  • Lahore Fort: The majestic and striking History of Mughal’s Dynasty
    The Royal Fort or Lahore Fort is locally known as Shahi Qilla of Lahore. The Citadel fort is located at the northern end of the city noted as Lahore’s Walled City. Spanning over 20 hectares, Lahore Fort is a magnificent treasury of 21 notable monuments dated back to Mughal Emperor Akbar. Mughal rulers had built the whole structure in 17th during the boom of Mughal’s glory and opulence. In 2000, it was listed in the Unesco Heritage Sites and received a generous donation for preservation and conservation. Lahore Fort has two main gates for entrance 1st is Akbari Gate and other is Alamgiri Gate. The Fort has many gardens inside, rendering serene and tranquil ambience while strolling around. The history of the sumptuous legacy is explicitly mentioned on the different boards erected near the Akbari gate. In various eras of Mughal’s dynasty, notable structures were built in Lahore Fort along with lush gardens. The facades include Daulat Khana-e-khas-o-Am, Jharoka-e-Darshan, Akbari Gate, Maktab Khana, Kala Burj, Lal Burj, Mosque Maryam Zamani Begum, Diwani-e-Aam, Shah Burj, Sheesh Mahal, Naulakha Pavillion, white Moti Masjid, Alamgiri Gate, and Three-doored Pavillion.

    The whole fort is divided into two sections, first administrative section, connected with entrance and includes gardens of Diwan-e-khas but the second section is dedicated to royal residence and approachable from elephant gate. Sheesh, Mahal and small gardens are also included in this section. The exterior walls of the 2nd section are furnished with blue Persian Kashi tiles, Mosaic art and calligraphy. The huge Picture Wall has been taken as the triumph of Lahore Fort and exquisitely decorated with the vibrant pattern of glazed tiles, faience mosaics and fresco. Stretching to northern and western walls of the city, the embellish wall is approximately 1450 feet long and contains 116 panels that interpret multiple subjects like elephant fights, angels, and polo games. In short, Lahore Fort is the majestic spectacle of Lahore that depicts glorious history and culture of Lahore's Walled City and requires an extensive amount of time and endurance to explore and appreciate.
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