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  • Minar-i-Pakistan: The Classic Monument of Pakistan's Freedom Movement
    The memorial of Pakistan Day, Minar-e-Pakistan is a minaret and public monument, situated in Minto Park of Lahore. The construction of minaret was started in 23rd March 1960 on the exact location where the resolution of Pakistan was passed and opened for public on 21st October 1968. A Turkish Architect, Murat Khan designed this lofty memorial that shaped like a five-pointed star. The Terrace of the minaret is about 3 feet high from the deck level. The height of the platform is 6 feet and star platform is approximately 12 feet which have two crescent-shaped slops. Composed of green and red marble, the tower of the minaret has spring formed hall crossed by arches. The rostrum of the tower is a quarter that is built on Mughal’s architecture. The circular diameter of the minaret is 320 feet with 30 feet high petals which seem like a blooming flower. Overall, the edifice of the tower is 320 feet from the ground level. The history of Pakistan's resolution is engraved on marble slabs in English, Urdu and Bengali along with the 99 names of Allah and poetic verses of Allama Iqbal. The tower has ten vertical marble slabs, incorporating the ground platform with cemented flower petals, domes and a winding staircase.
    The ground and first 4 platforms of minaret describe the history of Pakistan movement with architectural figures. Rough stones and cement explain the chaotic and turbulent conditions of early phases of liberation movement but the polished marble symbolizes the ultimate success of freedom campaign for Indian Muslims. The dome of the tower is made of stainless steel and delicate glass. Following the dome, 162 stairways are inlaid in four steps. However, the best panoramic view of Lahore and citadel can be gazed by the elevator taking you to all the way up to the top of the tower. Today, Minar-e-Pakistan is the most visited spot for locals and often used for public and political processions. On the main access of the memorial, a lofty marble fountain has also added beauty to this tower while emitting watery spectra of colorful lights. Again circular road of Lahore will be used to access historical tower by a taxi or rickshaw.
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