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  • Fortress Stadium: Pak Army Pavilion to Enjoy Ardently
    Fortress Stadium is a popular open space, comprised of shopping stores, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, entertainment spots and a sports stadium in Lahore Cantt. The stadium is famous among urban youth and considered as one of the liveliest commercial areas in the city. At entrance gates, army officials are available for the security checks as the whole area is under the supervision of Pakistan Army. Hence, there is no fee to enter the stadium. Earlier, Fortress Stadium was famous as a large shopping complex only due to a number of boutiques, offering formal and casual wears for all gender groups. Today, Fortress stadium has become a hub for the tremendous range of local and international brands of shoes, garments, perfumes, jewelry, gift shops, toys, furniture and cosmetics. It is also featured with enormous array of traditional, continental, Chinese and fast food restaurants. You will have all tastes and flavors at Fortress Stadium to dine and enjoy. McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Bundo Khan, Fri Chicks, Lung Fung and all the big savory restaurants and food chains are available here.
    For kids, Fortress stadium has a lot of play areas and amusement parks such as Joyland and Sindbad, where a huge amount of visitors came with families just to enjoy the big and fun rides. In recent years, two of main shopping malls are also opened in Fortress Stadium named Hyperstar and Fortress Square. However, Fortress square is more than a shopping mall as it contains one 3D cinema and big food court as well. The stadium itself is a sightseeing place especially when prestigious National Horse and Cattle Show held which is one of the foremost festivals of Lahore. The show includes a parade of livestock who came from the far-flung rural areas of the country. The striking feats of animals such as horsemanship, tent pegging, and mass-band shows are also the highlight of this event. In the evening, grand fireworks followed by exhibition of Pakistani crafts and industry intensify the spotlight of this show and stadium simultaneously. Altogether, Fortress Stadium is must see location in Lahore because it is thoroughly safe, entertaining, delicious and bustling respectively.
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