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  • The Greater Iqbal Park: The modern and esthetic Picture of Lahore
    Iqbal Park is a public park located on the outskirts of Walled City in Lahore. Formally known as Minto Park, the park is also renowned for owning Monument of Pakistan Day, Minar-e-Pakistan. Spanning 125 acres, this park is one the most contemporary park of Lahore with an artificial lake, musical fountains, soft rail, library, open-air gym, food court and a scenic garden. The tomb of Allama Iqbal is also in the proximity of this park which is another reason of its name as Iqbal Park. Usually, Park opens at 5 am and closed at 10 pm and there is no fee for entry to the park. In recent years, Greater Iqbal Park has become a theme park due to the extensive expansion and development by Punjab Government.
    The park has a fabulous variety of flowers species and in the spring season, it renders hue of all colors in the form of flora and fauna. Particularly, Chrysanthemum flowers can also be seen there. Greater Iqbal Park has many places as picnic spots where you can enjoy with families and kids. In the evening, the sumptuous waterfalls and dancing fountains will mesmerize and you will feel involved in the colorful lights of the park. Models of different animals and birds, made by different flowers are also an exceptional feature of Greater Iqbal Park. You can simply lounge or have a tranquil stroll around the park while appreciating the natural beauty with the modern appearance. The circular road of Lahore can be used to access this green oasis while having a panoramic view of nearby majestic icons including Minar-e-Pakistan, Badshahi Mosque, Azadi Interchange and Lahore Fort.
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