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  • Ready to leave for my next adventure from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport!

    Finland’s biggest airport and the only one I have used until now. It is small one when compared to other capital city airports around Europe and world. But that is only good thing if you ask from me. There is never long queues. Everything is modern and clean. I love their toilets. They are super clean, forest sounds make them cozy and there is enough room and light to put on make-up, freshen yourself after long flight and do other important things. Also, Finnish tap water is drinkable so if you have empty water bottle you can also easily fill it up there.

    I recommend coming to airport about one and half hour before your flight. There is usually no queues but it is good to be early. Helsinki-Vantaa has good connections to Helsinki and around Finland. If you are traveling to Helsinki, ask first from tourist information what kind of bus/tram/metro/train ticket you should buy. They are friendly and always ready to help. If you want to store your luggage at the airport, be aware that they only have a few lockers that are usually occupied. If you are planning layover day at Helsinki, consider taking your luggage with you and storing it at Helsinki Railway Station.

    Bad side: everything is expensive like usually in Finland. I recommend eating before coming to the airport if you are on tight budget. There is of course a few restaurants and cafes but everything costs a fortune. Souvenir shops and tax free aren’t that cheap either but have some cool products. Moomin Shop, Iittala and Marimekko are Finnish products so those shops are worth of look. Other interesting shopping choices I usually personally go through are bookshop, Victoria’s Secret,

    Even if the shops and restaurants are expensive Helsinki-Vantaa Airport has some amazing free services. Firstly, free wifi! Nowadays one of the most important things when I visit airport. And secondly a lot of free charging points. And when I say a lot of I mean they are everywhere, especially if you are leaving from the international terminal.

    Helsinki-Vantaa has also Uniputki GoSleep service that is free at day time but costs at night time. Basically, this service provides bed like chairs that are nice to have short nap between your flights. And if you are just leaving from the airport like I usually do these chairs also provide protection from curious eyes if you want to work. Other free things I LOVE and I have discovered while hanging out in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport: Book Swap (find free books for your flight), Arctic World of Santa Claus, different games (okay these cost 1-2€ but are so much fun if you have too much time), observation deck and free Photo Gallery.
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