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    The Kingdom of Jordan is located in the Western Asia on the East Banks of Jordan. The country is named after the Jordan River, which means ‘come to’. This definition is the true face of Jordan, where hospitality has been the key to tourism and with the country being the safest in the Middle East, Jordan has allowed many travelers to explore and fulfill their curiosity while traveling across the country.

    Jordan has a tradition of welcoming visitors for decades now from camel caravans to Nabataean tradesmen, Roman legionnaires, Muslim armies or zealous Crusaders, Jordan has welcomed them with open arms. Every generation who has passed through the land, has left behind impressive monuments. The monuments, including the Roman amphitheaters, crusader castles and Christian mosaics. When traveling to Jordan, you have the privilege to be in the presence of one of the World’s Wonders: Petra. Petra is the ancient Nabataean city. The city is locked in the heart of Jordan’s sandstone escarpments. When your footsteps bring you to Petra, you will find yourself face to face to the jewel in the crown of the country’s many antiquities.

    Petra is the essence of the search of antiquity and the origins of faith. The moment you come face to face with the Necropolis of Petra and its pink cliffs, only then you will understand how the Swiss explorer Jean Louis Burckhardt felt in 1812 when it saw Petra for the first time. But the Bedouin was the first habitants in the city, a city that was partly built to honor the dead. When walking on the sacred path in the sunlight to Al-Khazneh, the Treasury, this feeling never fails to impress visitors.

    Happiness is just around the corner when visiting Petra

    The mysterious city of Petra is half built and half carved into the rock while being surrounded by mountains, mysterious passages and gorges. The city is an endless beauty of its own and it has endless possibilities to explore it and continue to discover it everyday. Petra has become one of the world's most famous archaeological sites, where ancient Eastern traditions blend with Hellenistic architecture. For travelers willing to have a glimpse of the Middle East culture, identity or origins, Petra is the perfect place to start the journey.

    The hidden secrets of Petra
    In the ancient city you can visit Siq, the Treasury, High Place of Sacrifice, Royal Tombs and many more. When exploring Petra, you can see the fusion of Hellenistic architectural buildings with traditional Nabataean temple/tombs, including the Khasneh, the Urn Tomb, the Palace Tomb, the Corinthian Tomb and the Deir which represent a unique artistic achievement and an outstanding architectural ensemble of the first centuries. When wandering in the streets of Petra, you will be amazed by the diversity ensemble in architectural and archeological monuments date in prehistoric to the medieval periods. And this is an incredible testament to the rich Petra’s history, traditions, cuisine, identity and deep understanding of harmony among the different cultures.

    When you feel lost and the need to belong, Petra should be the destination to help you reinvent yourself among the sandstones, arid valleys, the canyon, and desert landscapes. You have the ability to go behind the city of Petra and embrace the open space of this carved city. Get to know the authentic Arabian experiences and the laid-back way of life in Petra and its residents. When walking in the streets of Petra and tasting the dusty history, remember to stop in one of the vibrant restaurants, relax and let everything go. You are here to stay so; explore, explore and explore. Welcome in the incredible city of Petra.

    Happy Traveling!
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