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  • Chilling with Friends and Smelling Helsinki - Helsinki City Museum
    Last week my Indian friend was visiting me in Helsinki and it was raining so much that we had to decide something to do inside. I have never been to Helsinki City Museum but I know it was free place with something to see. So, we gave it a go. If you only have a few days in Helsinki I wouldn’t recommend visiting but if you have more time it is nice place to spend a few hours.

    They have permanent exhibitions that introduce Helsinki and Finnish history for you. I found “time machine” Helsinki City Museum has extremely cool. They use latest technology to take you historic Finnish town. Another permanent exhibition is Children’s town where kids and a little older childish travelers can learn about Finnish history. For example you can watch old TV series, meet real Finnish grandparents and visit traditional Finnish home.

    In addition to permanent exhibitions Helsinki City Museum’s fourth floor has changing interesting tiny exhibitions. When we visited there was memories of smells and Helsinki exhibition. It wasn’t the most interesting one but I really loved the space where this art was displayed. Very comfy and nice to just spend some time with your friends. Even if I didn’t like this exhibition I know that they have had some super popular ones in past. So, that’s why I recommend checking their website and maybe doing quick visit to the top floor.

    Because the museums is free you can just walk in and go to the different exhibitions. Helsinki City Museum is located conveniently on corner of Senate Square so it is easy to visit during your visit there or after coming from Suomenlinna ferry. We had some difficulties finding this place because you have to walk to dark side alley/inner ward. Just follow the signs confidently and you should be able to find the place.
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