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  • Reasonable rendering of Andorran Cuisine
    I live down the road from this place; but have only ever managed to get a drink here before, so was interested to see what they had to offer. You can park over the road if there is no space immediately outside. It in the tiny hamlet of Erts which is on the cross roads, halfway between La Massana and Pal, and Arinsal.

    It is a standard Borda restaurant; the servings are good sized; and the prices standard. The waitress' family were originally from the Philippines and as such spoke English.

    There is a terrace outside with about 6 tables if the weather is good. There is a ramp up to the door for wheelchair and buggy access.

    Inside there are the usual nik-naks and assorted oddities from Andorra-past on the walls, a bar area, and about 8 or so tables.

    The house wine (by the 1/4 bottle) came in a carafe and was passable. There is a fire, but it is gas fired and closed in by a glass plate.

    The kids shared a steak which was done to perfection and good quality; reflected in the price. You do get a foie gras cut too; that the kids won't eat, so I got a free starter with that.

    There was a vinegary vegetable salad that came with it on each of our plates that I enjoyed.

    The vegetables she ordered came good. She's watching her weight so was perfect for her. Romesco sauce was OK; but not up to the romesco we used to get in Valls, Catalonia (look it up- festival of the spring onion).

    I decided too, that after 5 years living in Andorra I should try one of their signature dishes - the pigs trotters, or Peus de Porc - I knew it was a risk, but wasn't starving so this was the time to do it.

    I shouldn't have - not because it was bad; I'm sure it was a perfect good example, it is just it should not be on the menu for anyone less than 25. It is basically all fat (very tasty if you not concerned it is going to go directly to your waist and stay there), with the skin formed to a kind of "crackly" that we enjoy in the UK.

    Service was a little slow; the place was not busy - but no real complaints. Staff friendly. Got offered toothpicks at the end - maybe we just looking old now; thank you very much anyway.

    Free nibbles dessert of homemade chocolate covered dried fruits was a treat.
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