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    The city of Gardens, Lahore has always been an influential part of Pakistan’s culture, history and art. The walled city would be your first choice if you are passionate about the historical and architectural monuments. In Old Lahore, the redoubtable Mughal’s architectural masterpiece, Badshahi Mosque is the divine and symbolic structure of Lahore that even faded British Legacy. The agile heritage of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir was built in 1674 in the proximity of Ranjit Singh funerary. Lahore Fort is also opposite the main gate of Badshahi Mosque. The majestic mosque is the radiant manifest of architectural sense, beauty, passion and dignity of Mughal Emperors. Badshahi Mosque has four minarets, three domes made up of red sandstone and one big courtyard where over 100,000 people can offer a prayer together.
    At the entrance, you can read and view the history of mosque construction, damage and renovation. Then proceed further to visit rooms above the entrance gate and pay respect to hairs of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and other relics. Though there is no fee to enter the mosque but here you will be charged 5 rupees as admission fee. In the evening Badshahi Mosque becomes iconic and scenic when illuminated, rendering astonishing twilight. In mosque courtyard, the tomb of Allama Iqbal is also placed with all its richness which is another red sandstone memorial to the Philosopher-poet of Pakistan who first gave the idea of an independent country in 1930. While strolling near famous mall road of Lahore, hire a rickshaw or taxi of Rs. 100/Rs.200 to reach mosque and gaze the glory of the Gardens City.
    Note: Get off your shoes before entering in the Mosque and try to wear full body covered clothes to respect the sacred place.
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