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  • Modern hotel which can double as fridge
    I was visiting some work colleagues in Chandigarh and they kindly fixed me up this hotel.

    It is a fair way from the centre of Chandigarh centre - a long rickshaw or probably better in a cab.

    I was there for 4 days during December - damn it was cold in the hotel; like really cold - so cold I didn't want to get out of bed. It didn't seem to bother anyone else; so I suspect it is a cultural thing. I did check out some other hotels nearby for my next visit; and others did have heating - bar electrics - and larger communal areas (good for business) so I'd probably opt to try another one next time.

    It is a new refurbishment, and done to a modern finish. Staff friendly on the front desk. Neon light on the outside was pretty bright around the curtain in my room.

    I came back once and they were cleaning my room ever thought is says "DND" . Whatever, anyway they can gave me another blanket - and some loo-roll. The shower was modern clean and hot hot water - oh what a joy!

    It's on one of the typical Chandigarh city blocks - parking in front, and a taxi rank. There are lots of eating places nearby. Over the road is a nice small park. Lots of stray dogs around though; so if you have a dog-phobia this might be an issue.
    • Hotel frontage.  These are standard terraced blocks and quite narrow.
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