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  • Alternative to Chinatown in London
    Over the moon to have found some really decent Chinese food in London after lots of disappointment in Chinatown.... I lived for 9 month in KL, MY so know what I am looking for.

    This New Fortune Cookie is actually in the same building as Queensway tube.

    We'd come all the way from Surbiton, and I guess ultimately from Andorra so were disappointed to find the Char Siew (what I'd come specifically for) had run out.

    Best to call in advance and reserve if you in the same boat.

    I opted for the seafood on crispy noodle - the sauce maybe not quite as tasty as I remember from KL in the 00s but really not bad.

    Will be back. There are a few Chinese restaurants up the street so this might be a good alternative to Chinatown indeed.
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