Best area in São Paulo
I will spend two nights in São Paulo in October. I'm hesitating between the historic area and Avenida Paulista. What will be the best option to who will skip nightlife (jetlag will oblige)?
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Answer @ 4/13/2018 5:28:16 AM by thiagob
Here are a list of the places I like the most in São Paulo:

Avanhandava Street; a piece of Italy in São Paulo, I recommend trying out Famiglia Mancini restaurant, they have great food and service.

Skye bar; On top of Hotel Unique; It offers a hypnotic view with a swimming pool and the city as background.

Avenida Paulista is a must, it may get tiring and crowded sometimes but it's worth it, there are a lot of cultural places and museums like Itaú Cultural and São Paulo Arts Museum (MASP) if you choose you can rent a bike to go around.

Municipal market; lots of different foods and appetizers you can try.

Pinacoteca; among the best spaces for art in the city where you can find works of art from Portinari and Anita Malfatti.

Edifício Itália

Ibirapuera Park; a beautiful place with lots of cultural places and museums

Botanic Garden

Pateo do Collegio; where São Paulo was began

25 de Março Street; this is a shopping street, lots of stores with great prices

Catedral da Sé; church that marks the ground zero of the city

São Paulo is a very big place, I may have left something behind, two days just isn't enough is it? But I listed the most important places in my opinion.
Have Fun!
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    Thanks. Now the trouble is to choose what to see in a single day.
Answer @ 5/29/2018 7:13:37 PM by pyzhovad2
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