Mosquitos on holidays to barbados in June
Just wondering if anyone can tell me about the mosquitoes, are they a problem there, virus's etc..? Will be travelling with children. Any need for mosquitoe nets around beds?? We all got bad bites in Lanzarote at Christmas, that's why I want to be more prepared this time especially with the children. My 2 girls and I had so many bites especially at night. ..my husband didn't have any. Our skin seem to react alot to bites...and want to be prepared for them in Barbados
Answer @ 4/24/2017 10:02:56 AM by AHaas71
More than the mosquitoes, I find sand flies a real problem in Bim. Bring repellent and use it liberally. Stay away from the beaches in late afternoon and after dusk. That is when I usually get bitten. The bites leaves marks on my legs that take weeks to disappear. They are extremely itchy for about a week to 10 days.
Answer @ 4/25/2017 8:02:56 AM by crasswitness
Make sure to apply repellant, depends where you are staying but you should be ok. Calamine lotion works a dream if you do get bitten
Answer @ 4/18/2017 9:02:56 PM by veneratedsteppe
Definitely bring and use mosquito repellent. There are sand flies by the beach that can bite too so good to be prepared. That said, June isn't really the mosquito season.. unless there are lots of rains
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    Out of interest when is the mosquitoe season? ?
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    Well it's officially during wet season (June - nov ) however I haven't seen them come in before August.. and that also depends on where you're staying.. most resorts/ neighborhoods spray daily and that keeps them away
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    I got bitten regularly last year, starting in Feb. April was really dry in Barbados last year and I still got sand fly bites. Maybe worse in the wet season, but still an issue for me all year round. Someone told me that, if the sand flies like you once, they will like you forever. I was told to try eating marmite. In the case of marmite, the cure is almost as bad as the bites. LOL

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