What has been your experience has a non-citizen submitting tax for the first time? I need some guidance... Long story short: I have NOT received my income tax refund. You get taxed 28% for the first 6 months, I am trying to claim all of these taxes back. Submitted my tax declaration form on March 1, I tried to follow up around March 20 and had to wait a whole week for them to reply via online feedback form... -Calling their customer hotline is utterly useless, I have called like +40 times and the call never goes thru, no matter what day or time it will never go thru, it doesn't even put you on hold...- They requested some documents on April 2(due to being a non citizen submitting for the first time). I submitted all the requested docs (and a bunch of supporting documentation) on April 10 and since then I haven't heard back from them. They do not reply to any of my queries via the online feedback form.. going to a Lembaga Hasil branch doesn't seem to help, they just tell me to wait... it doesn't even look like they know anything at all, even when I submitted all the requested documentation and showed them the email in which they requested me to submit all these docs the officers seemed completely lost and started inquiring about it around the office to see if anyone knew about that... Any ideas, suggestions or contacts? Is this completely normal? Any information or help is deeply appreciated...
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    Phone calls here are a waste of time, you always have to go see people. But seems like you just need to wait. Remember everything in this country takes 10 times longer than you would expect.
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    This is a very relevant matter to all of us. Can I please check if your employer deducted 28% taxes for first 6 months or the entire year? Thanks in advance!
Answer @ 3/12/2017 12:33:39 AM by AVirtanen62
Being a foreigner i think u need to wait longer.. i got my refund back in June after 3 months approx.
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    It will take time. I got mine after 3-4 month's. Meanwhile keep following up so that if they need any further document then you can provide rather then waiting for them to contact

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