is agent necessary for importing pet to India?
Hey... wondering if anyone had the experience of importing pets to India?

Do you think an agent is necessary or can the paperwork be completed without?
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Answer @ 5/8/2019 3:00:00 PM by Leinenago
If your dog is too big to go inside the cabin, use a company specialized in this.

Saves you from hassle in India. Make sure the dog got all the shots needed as well and within the time frame.
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    I am already in India so I can do the paperwork here for my aunt's dog coming into the country. I am just not clear whether I'd need an agent since I can apply for the NOC myself on her behalf. Agents aren't cheap and am just curious as to whether it's a required expense.
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    Better take a transport company, you don’t want the dog held up in customs. That would be penny wise pound foolish
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    I would use an agent, for the sake of the animal! Doing it yourself is possible, but if you get the wrong guy in customs, you can be there hours! I did it on my own and it took 5 hours to clear and it was all because someone wanted money. Sorry to say!
Answer @ 5/30/2019 12:00:00 PM by TJules80
Hi we did it all alone it was a bit of a trouble going to the airport vet customs a few times, but we saved a lot of money.

Basically it only cost us the shots and the airline transport fee. If you already are in the country you can do it.

Only thing is the pet's passport has to be in the name of the person who is traveling with her/him.

So that might involve a last minute passport modification which took us some trouble in France.

Beware that custom officials at the airport will do anything to slow down the process and ask you more documents that are not required because by you doing it alone they will miss the cut they probably get from the agents.

If you stand your ground you will be fine.

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