Red Planet Travel Twitter Bot

The Red Planet Travel Twitter Bot

What is the Red Planet Travel Twitter Bot @redplanetrobot?

It is a Twitter bot that can help you in 2 ways:  Easier access to your event and more visitors to your event.

How does it work?

Let's say you are having an event of any kind:

- You could be a music band or artist, or a museum or attraction and you are having an event that you want people to come to.

- You can use it if your having a house-warming party or a school reunion, a wedding or other family event.

- You could be a business opening a new store, or putting on a stand at a conference or exhibition.

- You might be a Tourist Board wanting to promote a region or city in your country.

What do you have to do?

Simply send a Tweet to @redplanetrobot in the following format:

Description of event @redplanetrobot "Name of Event" street address of the event 

That's it! The Red Planet Robot will reply to your Twitter account with a Tweet which contains a link using the Red Planet Travel Journey Planner showing visitors how to get to your event using our ground breaking system of all modes of transport:  Planes, trains, buses, driving directions and ultimately walking routes right to your door.

Make sure you include everything that is not part of the street address or location name inside the "quote marks" as the Robot ignores that part when it tries to figure out how to get to you.  If you have a house name or other information in your street address e.g.  Level 14, or Empire Building then it might be better to leave that out.  If you want to test if we can process the street address before sending the tweet look at our Link Builder and see if the address is known to our system.

Getting more funky

You can include the webaddress of the event and the #publicity hashtag if you want

The webaddress will be included in the Tweet if you add it.  You should use a Url shortener like or Bitly to compact it.

If you use the #publicity hashtag we will consider retweeting it to all our @redplanetters community of followers for extra exposure.  

If you include something special for our community it is more likely to be re-tweeted. Things like special secret-events, better seats, free drinks, any kind of special treatment will go a long way to getting more followers and more visitors to your event.

Coupon codes, links to behind the scenes videos and stories are great ideas, and don't have to cost much.

If you don't want your followers seeing the Tweet for @redplanetters then Tweet @redplanetrobot from another Twitter account e.g. @bandname_secrets or @bandname_management.


Let's say the Clintons make it to the White House again and they having a housewarming they might send this to the @redplanetrobot

We're back where we belong! @redplanetrobot "Cinton's White housewarming" 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500, United States 

What about Katy Perry gigging at the @allphones area in Sydney.  She would tweet..

New dates! @redplanetrobot "Katy Perry Saturday 25th November 2014 All Phones Arena" Olympic Park, Sydney, NSW #ThePrismaticWorldTour

Facebook Integration

If you are not yet on Twitter but promoting via Facebook, you can easily add a Twitter connection on to Facebook that will automatically tweet your Facebook posts; no extra bother, and a whole new audience.  More info from Facebook.

What are you waiting for?

Get tweeting to the @redplanetrobot and show people how to get to you and free publicity if you want it.