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  • Spend an Exciting Evening at the Saratoga Casino and Harness Track
    Back in August of 2016, my husband and I went to the Saratoga Casino and Harness Track for an evening of fun. Well, it was for more than an evening of fun, it was also to get out of the house, enjoy each other’s company, and let the kids have some time together alone.

    We began our evening out with a delicious buffet dinner at the casino. The dining area is large, so there wasn’t a wait when we arrived. We were quickly seated and our drink orders were taken. After a few moments, we decided to head up and grab a plate of food. Since it is a buffet, we had quite a bit to choose from. The menu does rotate, but our choices that night were Asian, American, and Italian. There is also a salad bar, fruit bar, and dessert bar.

    I chose to start with a plate of mussels and a large salad. I then went up for some chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and some mixed roasted vegetables. My husband is a meat and potatoes kind of guy, so he was happy with the chicken, beef, potatoes, and a small salad. We both decided that we had to get some dessert, especially since they have cannoli and they are one of my favorites.

    After our meal, we decided to play the slot machines for a little bit. We chose to sign up for their player’s club, so that we could earn points for discounts on our meals in the future. We are not big gamblers, so we chose the penny slots, and we had fun while we each spent our money. My husband is luckier than I am, so he had some cash left at the end, but as usual, I didn’t. Kind of reminds me of our time in Las Vegas…….

    Anyway, before we knew it, it was time to stand in line to enter Vapor. Vapor is a nightclub at the casino and we had tickets to a show that evening. It was a concert that benefitted Operation Adopt a Soldier and Drew Baldridge was one of the performers. We had seen him perform when were down in Nashville earlier in the month, although that was a complete fluke and not planned prior to our trip.

    We entered Vapor and immediately headed upstairs. Actually, there is something that everyone needs to know about Vapor and seeing the most of any concert there. The nightclub is small and most people stand while they are downstairs. In order to get a great view of the performers, you will want to get in line early and head upstairs as soon as you get inside. You can then choose a table with the best view, just please, don’t take mine! I don’t want my good tip to come back and ruin a show for me, because I want to see who is on stage!

    I sat at our regular table and my husband went to get a beer for himself and a glass of wine for me. The prices on alcohol is reasonable, so you should all treat yourself a little while you are there. Every performer that night was very personable and we even got to do a meet and greet with Drew. It was great to talk to an up and coming music star who was still very grounded and down to earth.

    Once the concert ended, we had to head home and back to our responsibilities, but we had so much fun while we were at the Saratoga Casino and Harness Track. We never did get up to watch the harness races that night, but it is a sight to see. There is a room with an amazing view of the harness track and people can place their bets right there.

    I can’t wait until we head back to the casino for another night out. Actually, Drew will be back there in April of this year, so maybe, just maybe………we’ll see him once again.
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