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  • Bruges: great medieval city
    As a solo traveling travel writer, I’ve visited many cities in Europe and Bruges remains one of my favorites. It isn’t as big as European metropoles as Paris, London or Rome but has a medieval, charming atmosphere in its cobblestoned streets that is pretty rare. Bruges is only about 40 km away from the town I live but I always feel like a tourist when visiting Bruges. The many chocolate selling shops, window shopping tourists in the Steenstraat and tour guides showing the best locations in Bruges to their customers add to the atmosphere. My last visit was early March 2017 when I was going to the Belfry tower at the market square, probably the city highlight. I visited the Historium as well, a museum giving you a view on the golden era of Bruges. It’s one of the musea I can totally recommend. If you’re looking for a cultural experience that is a bit different, try the Frietmuseum. This was my first visit to the Frietmuseum despite having been in Bruges many times before. As a Belgian I think it was cool to see how they built a museum about our most popular ‘dish’.
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