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  • The perfect place to run for shrimp!
    I have a confession. Years ago when I still lived in Fort Lauderdale, I remember they opened up a Bubba Gump Shrimp Company down by the beach. And I thought, “My God! I have to go!” I never did though, sadly, and it always bothered me because Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movies, and shrimp is one of my favorite things to eat.

    Fast-forward to the present time in my life with my two small kids tugging on my dress and hair as we make our way from the City Walk parking garage to the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company at Universal Studios. We were meeting my parents there for lunch one Sunday afternoon, and I’m really not sure who was more excited. Was it me, finally getting to eat at a place I’d always wanted to try? Was it my kids who were going off the rails about seeing their grandparents AND getting to eat lots of shrimp (also their favorite)? It definitely wasn’t my husband, but who can blame him when he’s being trotted in front of my judgy parents?

    The inside of this restaurant is just amazing. We sat in the outdoor bar area that resembles the inside of a ship with great glossy wood. “I Gotta P” license plates guide you to the bathroom and as I made my way there, I discovered a room that looked like a southern mansion parlor. The attention to detail in the restaurant is seriously astounding.

    But it’s not just the décor that will make Gump and shrimp fans alike awestruck. It’s the food too. The menu is huge and filled with so many shrimp dishes, it’s hard to choose. My dad and I went with a sampler that allowed us to try 4 different types of shrimp including tempura, coconut shrimp, fried shrimp and chili shrimp. The kids’ meals came in the shape of adorable cardboard boats. My mom had the best gumbo I think I have ever tasted, and my husband decided to be a party-pooping landlubber and order a burger. Despite this though, that was one tasty burger.

    There was so much food we wound up with enough to stuff us once again for dinner later that night. While we all felt tempted by the dessert menu, after many Moscow mules (made properly in copper mugs much to our immense delight), we had to say no to that. I’d love to try it next time though.

    I absolutely loved eating here and will happily come back again the next chance I get. Service was attentive, friendly and fun, even engaging us and other nearby tables in a game of Forrest Gump trivia. As a mom with 2 young daughters, I was happy that it was a very kid-friendly place with menus they could color on. Plus, I loved how their kids’ meals came in cardboard boats that really entertained them. The meals also included a Jell-O treat.

    My only complaint is this: you have to pay $20 for the parking at City Walk to get there. Unless you’re staying on Universal property, you’ll have to park your car in the garage there. For me, spending $20 just to park to go out to a restaurant isn’t feasible (my dad generously paid for my parking) so my advice is try to find another place to park to avoid that fee.
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