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    If you’ve read enough of my reviews, you’ve probably figured out a couple of things about me. 1) I have 2 incredibly cute young daughters, and 2) we go out to eat with my parents quite often. Is there anything better than eating amazing food with people you love though?

    Within walking distance from my parents’ beachy home is the casual yet fine restaurant, The Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House. Ever since my parents moved to Stuart from South Florida, we have been regulars here. When I finally decided to get the heck out of the insanity that is South Florida myself, I moved in with my parents briefly (this was pre-kids) before moving to Korea of all places (that’s a story for another time). During that time, when my parents weren’t home for dinner, I’d walk over to the Dolphin and sit at the bar and chat with the bartenders while I drank robust amounts of wine and feasted upon appetizers like calamari and buffalo wings.

    Now that I’m back in my native habitat of Florida after spending 6 years living in Asia, I’m thrilled that I have access to the Dolphin again. It’s a little different with two kids now, but the Dolphin is a family friendly place that gives out coloring menus to the littles while still exuding the kind of fine charm of a proper lodge. It’s warm and inviting and they’ll never shun you from the dining room for casual attire. Dining here is much like going to a wealthy relative’s beach house. We always feel incredibly accommodated no matter if we’re there for lunch or dinner.

    Lunch is a bit more casual of an experience, especially if you sit outside. The last time we were in Stuart, my dad was busy so Mom took my husband, kids, and me there for lunch. From October to May in Florida, stone crabs are in season. They’re expensive but they are a must, especially at a place like the Dolphin. You’ll get them fresh there in their absolute prime. Nothing could be better.

    The menus are roughly the same though they tend to vary for freshness of ingredients, which is a good thing. There will always be some typical offerings, like the prime rib which may sell out on any night. It’s THAT good. Potatoes Dolphinaise are the absolute best side item. And the salad bar is pure heaven!

    There’s so much to say about this casually elegant place that I feel like I’m bouncing back and forth from one point to another. In the 15 years my parents have been living in Stuart, we have never once had a bad experience with food, service, the view, or anything in regards to the Dolphin. If you’re in Stuart, you simply must go here.

    If you’re visiting the area, the Dolphin has an incredible gift shop that you can get lost in. There are so many lovely things in there all with a tropically elegant flair to them. There are home wares, apparel, and Florida-themed stuffed animals. You’ll find sandals and sarongs, and about a dozen other wonderful items you’ll want to take home for gifts for those you love as well as for yourself.
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