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  • Good times over the water
    Right on the water in Jensen Beach, there’s a fun and very chill little place we love to go to for lunch when we visit my parents who live just down the street in Stuart. Conchy Joe’s has that island vibe to it the moment you walk in. You’ll see souvenir t-shirts, hats, and other items emblazoned with the Conchy Joe’s logo. Make sure you buy one on your way out. You’ll want something to remember this place by.

    You can sit inside though the best place to sit is in the outdoor area. It’s covered though open all around, allowing the ocean breeze to come in. Between the smell of the salt water and the food swirling around you, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to paradise.

    Conchy Joe’s has amazing fresh fish sandwiches. The catch of the day varies so when you’re seated, you’ll also get a menu that tells you what fresh fish is available that day. Clam chowder here is amazing, though for my dad, he’s all about the Conchy’s famous conch chowder. Maybe it’s because they bring a bottle of sherry out with it for you to top it off with. I have to agree it’s incredible.

    My mom adores the fish fingers. They’re not flimsy, frozen things here. They’re thick chunks of fresh fish, made to order. On the menu, they have them as Mahi fingers, but my mom always asks them if they can do it with grouper and they say yes.

    My husband and I agree on very few things these days. One of those things is that we have the cutest daughters ever. The other is that the burgers at Conchy Joe’s are some of the best around. We really can’t resist them. Conchy’s burgers are well worth the trip. The fritter burger was also wonderful. Instead of using a bun, they use flattened conch fritters to hold the meat. It was messy but I didn’t care.

    Maybe that’s because I ordered plenty of cocktails. They have a massive selection of tropical cocktails that will only enhance your experience here. Plus, on the patio, they have an area designated where you are allowed to throw food to the happily awaiting seagulls. You can almost hear them shouting, “Mine! Mine! Mine!”

    Our kids are always happy here too. They like the mellow atmosphere, the views of the water, the food (they always order fried shrimp and fries), and of course, they love feeding the birds when they’re finished eating. Before the food comes, they gladly keep busy coloring the kids’ menus while the grown-ups (that me, some of the time at least) have drinks and catch up.

    As a mostly grown up grown-up, a mom, a native Floridian, and a lover of seafood (and all food really), I have to say that Conchy Joe’s is a wonderful place to stop in for a bite when you’re in Jensen Beach or neighboring Stuart. I have no complaints about it and have been here many times. We’re planning another trip to visit my folks very soon and it’s highly likely once we set down our bags, Mom will tell us to get in the car because we’re going to Conchy Joe’s.
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