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  • Fighting pollution
    I love so much Batalha monastery, that I decided to get married there, many, many years ago. However, as the years pass, is dramatic the degradation of the monument, caused by the pollution of cars.

    Allow me a very personal comparison:

    Three small details make the two pictures in Batalha combined below a little bit different. Will you find them ?

    1 - At left the monastery was absolutely secondary. At right it gets all the attention

    2 - Left, the bride waits for her husband to take the picture. Right, she is somewhere home, waiting for her husband to post this text.

    3 - Left, the stone evidences its 600 years in place. Right, 36 years of pollution have been added.

    Well, I'm not the only one worrying, and they started to build a protection by the road. Good!
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