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  • Kragujevac Oasis
    It used to be a sad place but in fact now it is a peaceful place to have a nice walk or picnic. Despite the historical background and tragedy that happened 21st of October 1941. in this very place looks like it is an oasis for citizens of Kragujevac.
    This park used to be in the outsides of the Kragujevac city back in the World War II and it was actually woods where people from the city and even students from the 1st Highschool of Kragujevac, were taken to the shooting by the German soldiers. It was said that there were approximately 2500 people shot but in fact the numbers are bigger. These people were buried in massive graves, 12 year old boys and men. There are monuments all over the place, which takes nearly 865 acres. It is a huge surface turned into a memorial park dedicated to these victims. There is a museum ( ‘’October the 21st ’’) where are kept the belongings of the victims and other data about people who died there. Another specific monument is the one dedicated to the students of class V/3 and it has the exact shape of number 5 since the whole class was shot , even the professor. His last words of encouragement to his students are engraved in one of the big stones that lay in front of the monument. Beside these monuments the nature is amazing. There is a forest, a big stream where you can drink some water, meadows, paths, bike paths, workout playgrounds. There is also a hotel /resort l where many sportsmen come. In the future there will be built an adventure park for people who like extreme sports.
    I was lucky that this memorial park is very close to my home and whenever I want to go to get some fresh air I can’t skip Sumarice. I like to take long walk and go all the way to the small church that is built near the monument of V/3. The good thing is that you can walk or go by bike , the cars and motorcycles are forbidden. Sometimes this place looks eerie , especially in the evenings when the lights even more emphasize the monuments but also there is a certain respect. Then comes the relief that all that tragedy happened before and now this park is more like a nice place to relax and spend some time outside.
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