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    Although it is an artificial lake, it is still one of the top 5 places to go and relax. I usually take a walk, if I follow the route from my home I have to go through the forest of Sumarice memorial park which is wonderful by its nature, and I really enjoy it. So, I take a long walk until get to the lake but it’s worth it. Sometimes I go by bike, so I can stay fit. There are bike paths and you are there in 10 minutes or so , for eg. if you go from the very center of the city. In the summertime there is also a bus, which is called ‘’ The Butterfly’’ . It is very popular among kids, they love it. It is a regular bus just open type, with cute decoration and it is on only in summer. There are paths near the lake and there is a beach long 200 m, so when is hot it is full of people. There are benches all over the beach and ‘’stone tables’’ as well as we call it, where you can gather up to 10 people and have a meal or drink. Usually young people use it to make barbecue with friends. In the summertime sometimes I spend a whole day there on the lake, playing sports , having fun. For people who love sports there are tennis tables, sand volleyball court and water polo court in the lake.
    If you like more to have a drink in a typical ambiance and enjoy the view from a distance there is a resort/cafe/club Woodland Oranica nearby, combined with typical look of Serbian cafe but modern as well with the pool in the center of it. From Oranica you can see lake and enjoy the view. In the summer this place is more vivid and colorful but in any occasion it is a true jewel hidden behind the forests of Sumarice memorial park.
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