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    This lovely place is located in the hill almost in the outsides of Jagodina. When you see it , it looks modern with its famous ‘’Strawberry’’ fountain and artificial waterfall in the middle of the park.
    Since it is a bit cliff like , the higher part the park is more close to natural look. If you want to go to a picnic I suggest to skip the part where are the fountains and waterfall since there are cafes and there is crowd all the time. There are also small-cottages-like benches but open type where you can have more intimate ambiance with your boyfriend or girlfriend. It looks like a huge leveled garden with loads of greens, flowers and fountains.
    I like to visit it most in the spring, when is nice weather because in the summer it can be a riot out there. Sometimes I like to go for a quiet walk and sometimes I just want to have a cup of coffee with my friend. I recommend the cafe near the waterfall, it is modern, has very unique space. Each table is actually a terrace. People from other countries come here as well and it is full of people in the summer, not only because they visit the park but the zoo that is very near the park and open shopping park. These attract many people from smaller cities around Jagodina like Cuprija and Paracin. It is a perfect place if you love nature and maybe if you like to make nice fotos you can definitely do it here. In the center of the park there is a small stage so very often concerts and other events take place here. I take my friends and family to this lovely place all the time.
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