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    When it comes to cool places to visit in Jagodina I will definately recommend the ‘’Tiger’’ Zoo which is located next to the ‘’Potok’’ Park and ‘’Vivo’’ shopping park. Since Jagodina started to grow fast in the past 10 years , it finally got the zoo which is the only one in this area.
    It was officially on in 2006 and it was quiet a refreshment and attraction not only for citizens of Jagodina then for other cities nearby as well. The surface and space for animals wasn’t changed much for the needs of the species that require more space and greens, then was slightly altered. The nature was barely touched and arranged for the zoo. When it comes to the pricing and terms of the visit to the zoo it is very good. The ticket price for one person is about 2 euros which is just right and not that expensive so anyone can afford it and have a nice tour around this place. There are a lot of exotic species like kangaroos, giraffes, zebras, tigers and other beasts, huge snakes and birds from faraway lands. You can see all these animals and maybe even touch them but you can’t disturb or violate them at any cost. It is extremely forbidden to feed them and disturb them. Sometimes people want to get closer so they do not pay attention to warnings and fences that are put to secure the animals and visitors as well. The only animals that are free to walk in the zoo are two little tigers and two ponies that are more like hosts of the zoo. You can take pics with them or cuddle them for a bit. They are real cuties and very sociable.
    I always like to take kids there and sometimes go by myself and enjoy with animals.
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