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  • A visit to Salts Mill by a family of 4 plus assorted Grand Ma's
    Having studied fine art I am always keen to introduce the children to all things cultural and there is nowhere better nor more accessible than David Hockney’s wonderful permanent collection at Salts Mill. And I was right the children fell in love with David Hockney’s paintings and couldn’t wait to get painting with the goodies we bought at the art shop there when we got back to our rental cottage.

    Salts Mill and the surrounding village really are very special indeed. Winning first place in the top ten list of the prestigious ‘unique’ tourist destinations, lead by TV travel Expert Simon Calder. It’s no surprise that Salts Mill is known as the Jewel in the Crown of Yorkshire.

    Walking into Salts Mill transports you into another world. It is beautifully restored with incredible attention to detail creating an overall effect of unexpected calm and tranquillity. Once inside you could quite literally be anywhere, the exhibition space is so good it would rival any of the most prestigious exhibition spaces anywhere in the world.

    It’s not all art though. The grandmas loved wandering round spent hours looking at all the shops. In the end it was us waiting for them. The shopping is diverse and as well as art materials, books and posters includes exquisite rugs and fabrics by Zeba Rugs and Fabrics, a whole host of musical instruments including some antique and very rare ones at The Early Music Shop, everything you need for outdoors with Trek and Trail, Cycling with All Terrain Cycles and the Carlton Fine Art and Antiques Centre.

    Finally though the grandmas particularly enjoyed The home and Kath Libbert’s Jewellery .
    Sir Titus Salt built Salts Mill and then a whole village around it for its’ workers. The whole village is lined with quaint yet beautiful little terraced cottages and boutique shops and in the middle is the grand Victoria Hall where I have happy memories playing on the grand staircase and hiding in in the Victorian changing rooms which had toilets almost the size of a modern day studio flat, with my brother while we waited for my mum who always went ballroom dancing back in the early eighties.
    Even if your pressed for time, it’s worth dropping in to Salts Diner for a spot of lunch.
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