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  • Maybe just a bad day
    With three friends, we stopped at the Dairy for lunch. We walked into the cafe and waited at the 'to be seated' sign for some time. As we were not noticed, I walked over to the counter to ask for a table and received a grudging response that we could be seated at a table 'over there'.

    We were given menus and again sat for some time. People who arrived after us were served and we began to wonder if we had upset the staff in some way. We tried to catch the staff attention but eventually I got up and asked one of the staff if we could order and they came to take it.

    The order arrived and was wrong! We had more than we asked for (extra sandwiches ) and were charged for it. By that time we were pretty disillusioned with the place and decided that it was not worth complaining and.

    The food was actually very good but we will not be returning.
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