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    Jerash is one of the most important historical places in Jordan, and a must visit place.
    Jerash ruins are the grandeur of Imperial Rome being one of the largest and most well preserved sites of Roman architecture in the World outside Italy. and it's located 48 km north of Amman.

    what to see in Jerash:
    1- Hadrian’s Arch: built in 129AD, this marks the ancient city’s boundaries.
    2- Hippodrome: a restored Roman-era stadium. This was the smallest of the two arenas in the Roman Empire.
    3- Forum (Oval Plaza): this is the main attraction. Bordered by 160 Ionic columns.
    4- The Cardo: a 600m (1,968ft) colonnaded street running the length of the city.
    5- Temple of Artemis: impressive temple ruins dedicated to the Ancient Greek deity.
    6- Agora: once the city’s main food market positioned around a central fountain.
    7- Nymphaeum: an ornate public fountain decorated with lion heads and dedicated to nymphs.

    once you finish your tour you will get hungry, for me i went to Jerash Rest House, the food and the price were good, and the working stuff were friendly.

    Admission to the site costs 10 JD (14 USD) which includes the Jerash Archaeological Museum. Summertime hours are 7.30 am to 7 pm and 8 am to 5 pm in the winter.

    Jerash is easily visited in either a full or half-day trip from Amman, but I recommend to go a full day trip, to go to Ajloun castle since it's nearby to the Jerash ruins.
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