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  • Short visit to see northern art - Korundi
    Even I Finnish art museums are small and don’t have “famous art pieces” they have idyllic atmosphere and interesting exhibitions. Or at least that’s my opinion. Korundi is one of those interesting museums I have visited in Finland. I had free tickets and a few hours before my train was leaving Rovaniemi. Korundi art museums is conveniently short walk away from the train station. In addition to that this walk is next to beautiful wall full of graffiti. I had a lot of stuff and luggage with me but they have good lockers.

    Museums has often free open doors days so check their website for those. Normally tickets cost 8 euros or less. They also have English tours around the exhibitions. Because Korundi is also Rovaniemi art museum their exhibitions focus to northern art and Finnish contemporary art. There are often interesting events that will teach you something about Finnish culture, music, art, etc. Staff are friendly and helpful. They can also give you advice about other local attractions and places to visit.

    As a building Korundi looks beautiful but I personally had hard time finding the main door. Tip: it was the door facing Rovaniemi’s central not the train station. Inside of Korundi had many stairs and climbing. This may make it hard for people not in so good shape but for the rest of us it makes exhibitions even more interesting.
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