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  • Arctic Lifestyle and Best Places for Photography - Science Centre Arktikum
    I am not so sure why Science Centre Arktikum has word ‘science’ in its name but nonetheless I liked this museum. It must be even more interesting for tourists and people who don’t already know things about arctic lifestyle. There was somethings I have already learned at school one too many times but for people who aren’t Finnish even those would be interesting.

    Permanent exhibitions tell about arctic and its people. Temporary exhibitions are usually photographs, local art or other arctic themed things. I especially liked the arctic food exhibition that was in Arktikum when I visited. I didn’t use my money to it but I saw a few tourists tasting Finnish salmiakki and other foods. I recommend spending some time in the Aurora Borealis room because if you can’t see real ones while in Lapland those are almost as good.

    Admission costs 12€ but I recommend buying Rovaniemi Culture Pass that costs 20€ and gives you admission to the most important local attractions. While this museums is interesting don’t forget to visit Arktikum Beach, Park and small island those are located. You can find directions there from museums website or just ask from staff members while in museums. This small island has a few futuristic street art pieces, Finnish nature and one of the most beautiful summer photo spots of Rovaniemi.
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