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  • The cutest characters <3 - Moominworld
    If you are planning to visit Turku or Finland, doing something Moomin themed is must. Moomins are Finnish cartoon/comic characters that charm world (and in the last few years especially Asian tourists) with their cute looks. However some say after visiting Moominworld that these cuties are scary looking and scare chilrend. I wouldn’t believe them because Finnish families and we already adults who want to remember the good old days visit here every year.

    Moominworld is located in sunny Naantali but is easily accessed by one of the Finland’s biggest cities Turku. There are good bus connections and idyllic Moomin train goes around Naantali. There is huge signs so you can’t get lost. Beautiful long pedestrian bridge takes you from mainland to Moominworld island where you can find the gates to this theme park. Everything is blue and pastel colored so keep your camera ready. Tickets are cheaper when bought beforehand but cost 28E when bought from the gate. Moominworld is open from June to August and for a few week on February.

    Inside Moominworld the most important sight is of course Moomins. All characters walk around and hug visitors. Characters wearing suits don’t speak but characters playing “humans” talk and goof around. You can find most characters hanging out next to the blue Moomin house and small bridge in front of it but also from other locations in the park. Some characters are found from their special places so walk around to find interesting new friends.

    Hattifatteners have always been my favorite Moomin characters so their gave is my favorite destination in Moominworld. It’s in Fairytale Trail that is my another favorite. You can read story and walk beautiful trail that has for example rope bridge. Other good tips I can give for someone (because I forget to do this) is to take swimming suit with you. Moominworld and the area close by has some of the best Finnish seaside beaches.

    When you have small children it may be easy to eat in Moominworld but if walking isn’t problem you should consider restaurant just outside Moominworld. Just walk back that bridge and you can find different places to eat tasty Finnish food from the promenade. When you have left Moominworld my another recommendation is to visit Naantali’s old town and Moomin shop located there. It has sometimes better souvenirs than the theme park’s shops.

    Last tip I have for everyone considering visit to Moominworld is to just do it! I may be already adult but even then it was enjoyable experience for me. Especially if you want closer look to Finnish culture or just love cute things, Moominworld is perfect for you.
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