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  • Events, shopping and beautiful old buildings - Tallipiha
    I love hand-made products, pastel colors, old buildings, animals and, of course, everything cute. Maybe that’s why I have always felt like at home when visiting Tallipiha. I have been running around this area all my life and that’s why I would like to recommend it for everyone. As child I loved all the children events they have around the year. Especially children’s market where kids can sell their old toys. Now, as adult, I love the shops and all those cute products.

    This is my favorite place to find interesting birthday gifts and the best cards for everything. This place is especially famous among Finnish postcrossing lovers and tourists. At summer and before Christmas they have animals in barn. I remember loving the chickens when I was kid. We used hours just feeding them with crass. I also recommend taking horse ride that goes through Tampere’s central. It is something different and you can see the city from interesting point of view.

    Best time to visit is mid-day at summer weekend because that’s the time they usually have interesting events. However I recommend checking their website for more information. Opening hours are changing depending of the season so you never know if you visit at right time.
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