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  • Nice food but service is unpredictable
    I have visited this restaurant/coffee shop on three occasions. The first time, a friend and I stopped in for coffee and cake at the weekend. We sat for a while without any of the staff acknowledging us (there were a good number working) and went to the counter to try to order. We were told that we would be seen to soon. Some time later we were eventually served and made to feel that we were being a nuisance!

    The second visit, my partner and I had lunch. Great service and good food - on a weekday.

    Third visit. I told my friend from the first visit that on the second visit all had gone well. Had I tempted fate?! We returned and sat for a good while waiting to order. Eventually after some gesticulation, a young man appeared to take our order. He asked if we wanted large or small coffee and we confirmed small. We were suprised when large cups appeared but as sizes are so variable, did not question it. On paying however, we found we had large coffees and therefore were charged for them. This was at the weekend again.

    Based on my experience, it appears that the weekend staff need some training and direction as no one seemed to be in control. During the week it's a great place to visit!
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