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  • Turku Castle - Movie in Real Life and Remembering My Childhood
    I did nice spring trip to Turun linna / Turku Castle and can definitely recommend it for everyone. Of course as Finn I have visited there several times before but this was my first visit as adult and without my family. Turku Castle is open around the year but it is as its best when weather is sunny and beautiful. This is because you shouldn’t skip walking around the castle’s yard.

    Ticket to castle is 10€ but there is many different discount tickets like for students with ISIC card. You should also remember that the opening hours change depending season. At winter time Turku castle is closed on Mondays. Another good tip to remember is that the castle closes already at 6pm around the year. So, you should go there early. Depending what you want to see, if you take part to their tours or if there are special exhibitions your visit will take from hour to two.

    We started our tour around Turku castle from its “Juhana Herttuan Kellari” (Duke Johan´s Cellar) restaurants. Their eat as much as you want buffet is DELICIOUS. It is also good way of getting to know local Finnish foods. You can taste different foods that are normal for Finnish culture and if you want to know more about them the staff was very nice and helpful. Just ask them and they will explain you what everything is.

    Not many things have changed in Turku castle during these last twenty years. My first memories from this famous Finnish attraction are from children’s knight / castle maiden tour. It was so exciting to walk around the small and narrow corridors of Turku castle. This time, visiting as adult, I saw big group of children dressed as princesses and knights walking around the castle as excitedly as I did when I was younger. So, nothing has changed but I would still recommend those tours for all families.

    If you want to sneak peek to Turku Castle before your visit, watch “The Girl King” movie. It was my main reason to visit this beautiful 13th century castle. I wanted to see the rooms used in this movie and I didn’t get disappointed. In addition to walking around the castle you can get familiar with Finnish culture, how people used to live in Turku and in this castle and of course take pretty photos of this white castle.
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