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  • The city where you will never get bored, Dubai
    The Middle East is a mysterious part of the world with fabulous wonders to be discovered. The varied and diverse culture of the Middle East attracts thousand of travelers each year and it holds an extensive rich history and an incredible melting pot. It is on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf that is located the beautiful and charming contradiction city of Dubai. Dubai is one of the seven Emirates that form the United Arab Emirates. The city of Dubai has stunning views and incredible high cuisine. The city is exciting and interesting to visit. From beach vacation to desert safari, Dubai has it all. This hidden gem has captured the curiosity of many travelers and unlock the explorer desires. The sophisticated and luxury city is a fantastic destination for vacation.

    Why you should visit Dubai
    Anyone who has visited Dubai will tell you that this city is spectacular, vibrant, unexpected, full with surprises and fulfilling at the same time. The display of wealth and luxury goods have become a normal thing in Dubai as the tallest hotel can be found here, modern and eccentric architecture, man-made islands, golf tournaments, luxurious hotels, amazing skylines and 5-star dining. Dubai is the city where you should spend your wealth if you have the money. But remember that Dubai is not all about luxury and extravagant lifestyle. On Al Dhiyafah Road, which is one of the poorest areas in Dubai, you will find the best street food in the Middle East with influences from Liban, Iran and India. The diversity shows the harmony among the different cultures and religions. For nature lovers, there are numerous activities to discover; camel rides, botanical gardens, mountains, creeks, dune bashing, water parks and beaches.

    How to enjoy Dubai
    When traveling to Dubai, the best way is to book a tour package in advance where the private company like Osiris will take care of everything and you will only have to relax and enjoy the ride. The advantage of booking a customized tour is that you get the opportunity to explore firsthand the hidden treasure of Dubai and neighboring cities like Sharjah or the Sahara desert and underwater resorts. The endless list of things to do in Dubai is incredible and that is why private tour is helpful when vacationing here.

    There are numerous activities to do when visiting the city and there are key attractions any traveler should have on their list. The traditional Gold Souk is an Arabian jewelry market, which is located in the oldest part of the city. When walking in the streets, it feels like entering the Ali Baba cavern where your eyes will be mesmerized by all the 10 tons of gold. Another fabulous attraction in Dubai is the fireworks. If you have not watched fireworks in Dubai, then you truly have not experienced the true meaning of fireworks. Forget the Sydney's Harbour Bridge or New York's Times Square as Dubai has decided to display each year the biggest and most spectacular fireworks in the world. Another traditional attraction is taking an abra to cross Dubai Creek and start a conversation with locals. Go skiing in the desert. It is a 22,500 square meter, 85m high, 5 slope indoor ski resort to be exact where you can enjoy the cold and winter sports. After all the excitements, go have on Sunday a brunch at All you can eat and drink restaurant. The list of attractions never ends and that is the beauty of Dubai.

    The land where fantasy is converted to reality, the land of the rich and famous, heaven for foodies and a wonderful melting pot. Welcome in the land of pure joy, Dubai.

    Happy traveling!
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