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  • 5 Amsterdam's hidden places that locals love
    Amsterdam is a colorful and vibrant city, famous for canals, museums, beautiful houses and Red Light District. It is also known for unique streets, shops and restaurants. A visit to this city will create a journey full of life with various options of things to do. There are upwards 4.5 million visitors annually. A large portion of them focuses on visiting the Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum. There are also other gems of Amsterdam that will mesmerize you during your trip.
    Canal House Museum, Hermitage Museum, and Van Gogh Museum are some of the well-known museums you must visit for the taste of history. Amsterdamse Bos is highly suggested for your long walk, jogging or biking by the river side. In Oosterpark, you can see the multicultural society of Amsterdam. If you want to have a beach time, there is an option too. You can go to Blijburg beach which is located on an artificial island created by the Dutch. Amsterdam is also famous for the coffee shops. So, sitting in a coffee shop or having delicious pancakes can bring you a peaceful delight.
    The mentioned places above are some of the known places of Amsterdam. There are also places which are not in the spotlight or hidden, but loved by the locals and these places are worth a visit. The places allow travelers to have a different view and experience of Amsterdam. Five of those hidden stops for any journey in Amsterdam are:
    • Roam around Noord: If you want to take a walk or a bike ride around original streets build by Dikes, Noord is the neighborhood suggested by the locals. Schellingwouderdijk and Nieuwendammerdijk are two original streets. The sights of these streets are something you that haven’t admired yet. You can take a free ferry to the Noord.
    • The secret courtyard of Begijnhof: Begijnhof is the enclosed courtyard on Spui square. You can revisit the history in a private area that will take you back to the middle ages. There is a group of houses and beautiful garden all around. You can roam around history without disturbing the locals in the area.
    • Relaxing in Vondelpark: Vondelpark is a quiet escape from the city noise and hustle. It is situated in the heart of Amsterdam and if you want a sunbath, play a ball game or just relax, this is the place for you. This will offer you a qualified peaceful time.
    • The experience of Houseboat Museum: Among the rich museum culture of Amsterdam, there is a different type of museum suggested by the locals. If you ever wondered about a houseboat experience, this museum is the perfect place for you. On the canals of Amsterdam, visitors can visit and live on the houseboat. This is the perfect way to have an inside view of Amsterdam and remember to visit the Anne Frank house.

    Shopping in the 9 Streets: For shopping and good restaurants altogether, the 9 streets are called the SoHo of Amsterdam. These streets contain unique shops. with incredible handmade products and unlimited choice in jewelry to vintage accessories. While shopping, remember to stop at one of the amazing local restaurants alongside the shops. Here you shop, grab a bite and then continue your museum tour nearby.
    Now that you have the list, remember to join the locals the next time you are in Amsterdam to truly experience this little city called Amsterdam.
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