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  • Moomins make everything better! - Tampere Art Museum & Moomin Museum
    Moomins and latest Finnish art collections. What else would I wish from museum? Because I live only about thirty minutes outside of Tampere visiting all Tampere Art Museum’s exhibitions has become like habit for me. Most interesting exhibitions are usually the “Young Finnish Artist of the Year” exhibitions so I recommend visiting especially if there is one of those going on. Their website is clear and easy to look at so just check it before visiting Tampere and decide if you want to go to the museum.

    Another interesting part of this museum is Moomin Museum. If you don’t know what Moomins are basically it is Finnish cartoon/comic thing. Many Asian tourists love Moomins because these simple creatures look cute and fluffy. Tampere’s Moomin Museum is super old. I remember visiting there even before I knew how to walk.

    Moomin museum is good place even for those who have never before heard about Moomins. There is amazing dolls and three-dimensional dioramas. (Some of them look like cool doll houses that have countless details. You will find new things every time you visit.) For Finns it is more like children’s thing but I would recommend it for tourists and travelers of all ages. Moomins are big part of Finnish culture so you should get to know at least something about them when visiting my lovely home country.
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