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    From point of view of local I probably see Senate Square differently than tourists. However after visiting it recently after a long time I totally remembered why it is one of my favorite spots in Helsinki. There is always people. Yes, most of them are tourists but what would be funnier than watching group of foreigners taking photos of this white Helsinki Cathedral. Do they even know that it is not “senate building” but cathedral?

    There is really nothing else to do in Senate Square except taking photos. However, it is in one of the best spots of Helsinki. One of the corner buildings is Helsinki City Museum. If you walk the roads towards bay and market (that are only like 200 meters away), you will find several local shops full of Finnish design and hand-made products. In addition to these things if you are lucky you may encounter some crazy Finns.

    Most of my visits to Senate Square have been because of something crazy. Helsinki Cathedral’s long and wide steps are like made for flash mobs, protests and other crazy things. Also many bachelor and bachelorette parties come here to take some cool photos and have fun. So wish you are lucky and maybe you can see something unique. There is no way of telling when there will happen something so I just recommend going to Senate Square for the normal tourist photos.
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