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    Kiasma is definitely my favorite Finnish museum (and one of my favorite museums in whole world). As Museum of Contemporary Art and Finnish national modern art gallery the exhibitions have never deceived me. I have visited a few times with my friends who literally hate art but even they liked Kiasma’s modern art. They change exhibitions quickly so Kiasma is almost always open.

    As students Kiasma’s tickets are quite expensive in my opinion. 14€ for normal people and 12€ for students, etc. I usually time my visits for first Friday of the month because on that day Kiasma has open doors day and everyone can visit freely. However even paying that 12 euros isn’t bad when you get to see amazing modern art.

    They have everything from colorful and funny art pieces to art addressing important subjects. After roaming around the current exhibition, I usually spend too long in the museum shop. There is a lot of cool stuff even if most of it doesn’t have anything to do with Kiasma museum, modern art or the current exhibitions. However I don’t recommend the café/restaurant because it is expensive and you can find better places close by. My last praise for Kiasma is its free cloakroom. In country where we have winter almost around the year free place to store your winter clothes is must thing to have.
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