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  • Local seeing her city from NÄSINNEULA
    20 years of my life I lived next to Näsinneula observation deck but only got change to visit there a few times. It’s good place to start your exploration around Tampere because what would be better place to see whole small Finnish city than observation deck on the top of 168 m long tower. A last few years haven’t been that good for Näsinneula because Hotel Torni’s free rooftop bar has become popular among locals and travelers.

    Even if ticket to Näsinneula costs 4,90e I still would recommend it as one of the best attractions in Finland. You can also visit Näsinneula with your Särkänniemi amusement park ticket. In fact, I think Näsinneula’s charm is the amusement park all around it. You can of course see Tampere around you, beautiful Näsijärvi lake and its small islands but also all those locals having fun on scary rides.

    I don’t recommend Näsinneula observation deck for people who are scared of heights like me. Last time I visited it was windy day and surely felt the whole tower swaying from side to side. The beautiful sceneries are however something you should see even if fearing the heights. Just keep away from the windows and edge.

    Näsinneula restaurant is known as fancy and expensive one among locals. If you have money to use it is definitely one of the best places to have dinner in Tampere. Because restaurant area has huge windows and it rotates constantly you can admire the views while eating. Personally, I have always dreamed about romantic date here but until now I have only visited a few times with friends and family. If you ask recommendation from me taste the Finlandia menu. It is expensive but offers you true Finnish food experience.

    You have to walk through Särkänniemi amusement park to get in Näsinneula and after that find the right elevator that will take you up. Even I have sometimes hard time to find it (because of my bad memory) so you should ask help if you can’t read Finnish and have never visited Särkänniemi. But don’t worry! We Finns are friendly and helpful so just find someone wearing Särkänniemi jacket. They will point you towards the right elevator. If you visit at summer time there may be line but usually it is quiet and peaceful so no need for waiting in queue.
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