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  • Traveling to the amazing land of Cuba
    To enter Cuba, regular tourists who arrange to spend up to two months in Cuba don’t require visas, but instead get tourist cards valid for 30 days, whereas Canadians get an exceptional deal and can remain for up to 90 days.
    You can simply take flights to Cuba to Jose Martí International Airport, which is attended by main airlines or book flights accessible to Antonio Maceo Airport.

    FAQ’s –
    Is crime a severe issue? - No, as Cuba has the lowest crime rate in the Western Hemisphere.
    What are the insurance measures to be followed? – From May 2010, Cuba has made it compulsory for all foreign visitors to display evidence of their medical insurance when arriving. Fundamentally, all foreign policies are received and any review is a cursor, if any at all.
    Do you need to write on the tourist card about the hotel where you are residing? You need to fill in where you are staying since Cuban unwritten rules say you need to book a hotel for the first night.
    What limitations are there on what I am permitted to bring in? Certainly, travelers are allowed to bring in personal possessions, but it’s forbidden to bring in global positioning systems, satellite telephones or further communications apparatus, narcotics, explosives etc.
    Will my cell phone function in Cuba? - The national phone company, ETECSA, has roaming agreements with main international carriers so your phone ought to work in Cuba.

    Moving around-
    To move about, you can use buses, hired car, official taxis. However, the government's system for enabling hitchhiking is by far the greatest cost-effective way for foreigners to tour, although a flexible timetable and decent Spanish are a must.

    For having a safe and fruitful trip, you need to carry the necessary items with you, such as the passport, Cuban tourist visa, cash and others. If you go with an open mind and spirit to embrace the delightful Cubans and their exceptional culture, then your trip will be amazing. Plus, you should in no way miss the points of interests, such as the Old Havana, Malécon, the Morro Castle Sea Fortress or the remarkable museums. Also, take in some of Havana's culture and let loose in one of its clubs. Welcome in Cuba! Happy Traveling!
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