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  • 10 Must Have Street Foods/Drinks in Georgetown, Malaysia
    Georgetown is the capital city of one of the popular state of Malaysia. Situated in Penang, the beautiful city is best known for its street food and drinks. It is said that this town serves you with best street food in the world! Because the place is known for its fantastic, authentic and cheap food. The best way to get introduced to Asian street food is right here and right now. So let’s discover the taste of the street foods and drinks of Georgetown, Malaysia.
    1. Kedai Kopi Sin Hwa:
    It is the famous sin Hwa coffee shop which is located within the Asia’s longest reclining Buddha Statues. This shop is well known all over for making the best duck egg koay teow and claypot noodles.
    2. Char Koay Teow Stall:
    This tea stall is situated in the narrow back streets of Georgetown. It is renowned for its Char koay teow that is stir-fried rice noodles.
    3. Zealand Seafood:
    This is the best place for people who love to have seafood as it serves you with tasty and affordable prices for seafood.
    4. De Tai Tong Cafe:
    This place is known for maintaining the tradition of Dim sum. The dishes you must not miss at this street food corner are Lor mai gai, Chee cheong fun and Har gow.
    5. New Lane Satay Stall:
    Satay is the street dish which is mostly cooked at Muslim Malay Stalls. It is a food paradise for food lovers. The renowned dishes are popiah, hokkien mee and lot more.
    6. Weld Quay Restaurant:
    It is also known as tree Shade Restaurant because it has a huge tree in the middle of the entrance. You can have the cheapest seafood here. Some of their unsurpassed dishes are chilly crabs and black pepper prawns.
    7. Sup Hameed:
    This street food corner is located near club quarter and Penang’s Bar. It is known for serving the most delicious roti canai, which is an Indian influenced flatbread at a very reasonable cost.
    8. Restoram Kassim Mustafa:
    It is a classic family cafe which is open 24/7 and serves the best nasi kandar.
    9. Townview Seafood Cafe:
    The best dishes served at this cafe are chilli lala calms and crispy pork belly.
    10. Chee Cheong Jook Congee Stall:
    It serves you with best congee on street. Congee is milky rice porridge.

    And when it comes to drinks, the best ones to try or to have in Georgetown are from Bodega, Café Milano and ENO Wine Bar as they serve you with the nicest drinks in the town.
    What else do you need? Let’s go explore!
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