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  • Finally I found “PROSI – the Exotic Supermarket and Restaurant”
    I am a student from Pakistan and Living in Vienna since April, 2015. I really loved living in Vienna but still, there was something missing and guess what? Yes, it was traditional spicy food of Asia – especially food from India and Pakistan. It is always difficult to find something in foreign country from back home
    I tried different restaurants in Vienna, but Alas! Then one of my friend ask me to visit Prosi, which is an Exotic Supermarket and Restaurant. It is situated in Kandlgasse 44, 1070 Vienna which is easily accessible from Westbahnhof – central train station by U6 Burggasse. First time, I have visited the restaurant when it was a part of Prosi – Supermarket. At that time, it was small and less spacious with smoke and smell of spices and that is why I did not like it at all. I decided not to eat there and left.
    In the last trimester of year, I visited the Supermarket and found that Prosi has started separate Restaurant, next door. The Restaurant is modern, spacious and lightly decorated. It also gives the traditional south India’s look. The opening hours are 11:00 am – 10:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and Sunday is off. They have self-service from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm and after that they serve on table. They have Kitchen at back so cook few of the dishes, when ordered. They have variety of tradition food including Thalis for Vegetarians, non-vegetarians and for Vegans as well. They have traditional Tandoori dishes which are really very delicious and traditional drinks.
    I decided to try it so I went there with an Austrian friend. We entered the restaurant and the lady on counter welcomed us. There was an illustrated wall menu so it became easy to decide, what to eat. I tried Lentil soup first, it was delicious so I decided to try something else. My friend ordered Tandoori Chicken menu and I ordered Chicken Tikka Wrap with extra spices. My friend got the order on counter but I had to wait a bit because they prepare wrap, when someone place order. Billing was pre-paid. The food was delicious and authentic. It felt like home. I tried Mango Lassi from drink menu and it was amazing! The lady also asked for feedback at the end.
    The quality is good and prices are reasonable, neither Cheap nor expensive. There are many other Asian Restaurant which are cheaper or expensive but the service at Prosi is friendly and prices are better according to the provided quality.
    Since that time, I visit Prosi weekly or whenever I crave for traditional Asian food. I recommend the restaurant!!!
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