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    This past December, my husband and I went to Panza’s to enjoy a romantic dinner together. It was a very cold night and it was colder when we arrived there, because the restaurant is on the lake. A tip for all of you….go here during the summer, so that you can enjoy the lake views! Of course, it will be more crowded then, unlike the night when we were there.

    When we arrived at the restaurant, there was only one other couple in the dining area and one at the bar. A few other people arrived after us, but not many. I was concerned at first, because usually a lack of people means not that great food.

    We were immediately brought water and fresh hot bread with butter. Our server was very friendly and did check on us often throughout the evening, most likely because she had nothing else to do! I ordered the linguini with clam sauce and decided to add scallops for a little treat. When I read the menu, it stated that I could add shrimp or scallops for $3 each. I was reading it as $3 for shrimp or $3 for scallops, but in reality, they were asking for $3 per scallop or shrimp that they added to the dish. That is a little extreme to me!

    My husband ordered the veal parmigiana, which he said was very delicious. The pasta was homemade and very heavy, so we ended up taking half of our meals home with us. There was just no way that we could have eaten everything. Actually, I think it took us another two meals before the pasta was all gone! I think it was a little too heavy for both of us.

    We obviously didn’t get dessert, but they had some really good choices like Mississippi Mud Pie, hand stuffed Canoli, and a Chocolate Soufflé. A couple people came into the restaurant to pick up pizza, so I am assuming that it must be good for people to go out on a cold night to pick it up.

    While, I enjoyed the atmosphere of the restaurant, I was not as impressed with the food as I thought that I would be. It was good, but also seemed to lack something, at least in my dish. Plus, the prices were a little outrageous on certain items. I can’t say that I will never go back, but I wouldn’t put it at the top of my list either.

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