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    Going shopping at the mall used to be an adventure for everyone, but over the years, online shopping has begun to take over. This change in course is hurting even the best of shopping malls throughout the country and making them find new ways to bring people in.

    Unfortunately, the Wilton Mall has been one of the malls that has not been able to survive the downturn of shopping inside a store. They have continuously lost stores over the past few years and while they still have some good ones, most people will drive down to Albany when they want to do some serious shopping.

    I usually try to avoid the mall at all costs, because, well over the years, I have found that I no longer love to shop! However, there are times when I need to go buy something and since I don’t want to drive to Albany, I end up at Wilton Mall. The only stores I really shop at in there are Rue 21, Forever 21, Bath and Body Works, Yankee Candle, Old Navy, and Dicks Sporting Goods.

    When I went there a couple of weeks ago, I went into two stores and was in and out of the mall in less than twenty minutes. Yes, I have this down to a science!

    Wilton Mall has tried to make improvements over the years, but they do not seem to help too much. They brought the store Healthy Living into the mall, and while they sell healthy foods at semi-reasonable prices, I am not up that way enough to use it as my grocery store.

    The mall also renovated the movie theater and turned it into a beautiful space, but my family does not go to the movies too often. When we do go, we try to go on a Tuesday, when the tickets are only six dollars per person.

    The most recent store to arrive at the mall was Home Goods and I waited awhile before I walked through it. I have seen many commercials on television and imagined something much better than what I saw. Everything seems to be stacked inside the stores and things were hanging out of boxes. I do not think that I will be going back anytime soon.

    I think the biggest draw for people at Wilton Mall is Planet Fitness. They have reasonable gym prices and amazing hours. I contemplated joining a couple of years ago, but the drive time and distance were not worth the money savings for me.

    Wilton Mall is a good place to go when you need a couple of items, but not a place where people can do any serious shopping. Unless it makes some more significant changes in the next couple of years, I do not see it lasting much longer.
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