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  • Get a Workout at Fun Spot While Having Fun
    Fun Spot is an adventureland of fun and we enjoy taking our kids there a few times a year. When they were much younger, they loved the playground area, but as they have gotten older, they are able to do all of the additional activities there.

    During the winter months, they go roller skating with my husband and then they all play laser tag together. I am usually on the sidelines, watching, or sitting with whoever needs a break. In the warmer months, everyone usually skips over those activities and goes straight for the go-karts and the mini golf. I love to play mini golf, and while my family does too, they don’t want to do it that often. They would all prefer to zoom around the go-kart track all day long.

    Fun Spot recently opened a Ninja Course Challenge and while we haven’t been to use it yet, it looks pretty amazing! Everyone can climb up and along the bars, while dodging different obstacle courses. Every person is timed and they keep track of the winning times. I know that this is something that a couple of people in my family will really enjoy and I can’t wait to see them tackle it.

    Doing all of these activities can get quite expensive, especially for a family of five or more, but Fun Spot has that covered. They have special packages that you can purchase to get the most action for your money. People can choose from skating and playground, skating and laser tag, go-karts and mini golf, Ninja Challenge and laser tag, and much more.

    They also have MVP passes, Fun Day passes, and Evening passes which all include multiple activities for one low price. We usually go during the times that these passes are available for the greatest savings.

    Fun Spot also serves food and we know from experience that the pizza is really good. It is much better than any of us thought it would be.

    My kids would love to play the arcade games there, but we usually convince them to skip them, since there is so much to do. However, anyone who plays the games can win tickets to trade in for prizes.

    I can’t wait for the weather to warm up, so we can head back up there and participate in the summertime activities. Nothing against skating and laser tag, but I am ready for something new!

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