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  • The Milanese gastronomy, WOW!
    “No matter where I am in the world, the Milanese cuisine keeps haunting me”.
    What makes Milan different is the fact that each time I return I have the feeling of discovering it over and over again. The Italian cuisine and especially the hospitality in Milan have won over my heart every time I have visited. It is just breath-taking. Besides the fact that I’m in love with the Italian cuisine, I adore discovering the history of the city and its secrets. On my last trip, I discovered, for example, where I can have the best panzerotti in Milan city where the line and the waiting time is as long as at Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn NY. Luini is the place where every Italian rushes in the afternoon to get their sandwich because there is no other place like Luini. Some of the Milanese dishes have actually become common in Italian cuisine: the cotoletta alla Milanese has even crossed over the national borders and is a popular dish in Germany where it goes by the name of Wiener Schnitzel. But other dishes, such as rostin negàa or cassoeula, have to be tracked down in the homes of the inveterate Ambrosiani. My favorite desserts are Pan de mej, small sweet buns with elderberry; they are generally served with a cup of liquid cream, to dip them into and Tortelli di carnevale.

    Eating is a big part of the enjoyment of being in Milano, with its many typical recipes to fulfill the most demanding appetite, and the many Lombardy regional wines to accompany them.

    Next time you are in Milan, pay more attention to the traditional cuisine, extend your culinary horizons and ENJOY!
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