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  • Welcome to the most beautiful city; Paris
    As you may by now, Paris is the most beautiful city in the world and there are many reasons for that. The city pumps you with energy. As a local, I enjoy walking in the streets, looking up and discovering the city everyday. The things I love doing are little stuffs like walking in the old hidden passages, enjoy the views from the hotel terraces, visiting the flea markets and much more.

    How to save cash while visiting Paris?
    - Plan Ahead
    While looking for trips in Paris, you need to find packages that include your hotel and ticket as this combination is quite expensive. In this area you will need to be alert to the changes in prices and vacation periods
    - Choose wisely on the season
    Paris is expensive in the summer, but more beautiful because you can enjoy the city through riding or by foot. But you could also try the city during the off season where you can save some cash in the winter period and even between May and September.
    - Buy the Paris City Passport
    This pass entitles you to discounts at city, attraction sites, stores, and museums
    - Always travel by metro, Bus, Tramway or RER
    The greatest thing about Paris is the means of transportation to all the sights and attractions you need to see and they are well connected.
    - Food
    Don’t get ripped off in tourist restaurants. Know what is a normal price to pay for everyday items, from coffee (€1-2) to a glass of wine (€4) and a decent meal (€18). Don’t pay for “flat” water in restaurants. All restaurants are legally obliged to bring a carafe of water to your table. When in a cafe, drink your coffee at the bar and pay about half what you’d be charged at a table.

    What else do you need? Welcome to Paris!
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