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  • The magical city of Marrakech
    Marrakech has captivating millions of heart across the world and now I know why! This magnificent city is a gold destination for any adventure seeker. The city is surrounded by old walls, crumbling palaces, riads, noisy souks, skilled artists. This is exclusive. The ambiance lends it a distinctive character and the locals are warm and the food is astonishing. This mélange makes Marrakech stand out. As you may know by now, Marrakech areas are, the Airport, the Medina, Guerliz, Mohammed 6, the Palmeraie and many more. For a fancy and chic experience, the Palmeraie will be perfect for you. But for an authentic experience, if you 'must' stay in the Medina, close to Jema El Fna. The Medina is the old part of Marrakech, surrounded by souks, little boutique hotels called 'Riads' and street vendorq. There are restaurants to be found everywhere and if you are looking to enjoy the authentic Moroccan food, this is the place to be! Waking up with the sound of the city, enjoying fresh pressed orange juice and witnessing the scenery around you is pure joy!

    Practical info:
    - From the airport, take bus 11 that also stop at the square Jema El Fna and it cost 4 dhrs (0,40€).
    But if you must take a taxi, make sure to ask your driver to put your teller on which mostly start at 1,70 dhrs (0,20€). The ride to the Medina cost 30 dhrs (3€).
    - Most trip to Jema El Fna are around 10 dhrs (1€) to 20 dhrs (2€) when you are taking it from any part of the city or from the train station
    - Check the café in Guerliz called 'Mama Africa'
    - When arriving at the square, check the food stall 'Krista' and remember to buy the fresh juice from the vendors (0,50€)
    - Dress appropriate
    - Say no with a smile to beggars.
    - Avoid the typical touristic café and find out where the locals hang out.
    - Rent a small motorbike and go sightseeing (Bahia Palace etc)
    - Go explore outside Marrakech like hiking in Ourika.
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